What can we offer you ?


We take care of the input of your documents in our accounting software, which complies to the legal standards. All documents are clearly arranged, and delivered back to you at the end of the fiscal year,or during the year if you prefer.
We also take care of the finalisation of the balance sheet and the profit and loss account at the end of the fiscal year, and wedraw up the annual accounts.


We take care of the draw up of the necessary declarations, in the domain of :
  • V.A.T. (if necessary,we can also assist you with the application for a foreign V.A.T. number, and with the deposit of your foreign V.A.T. declarations)
  • Company Tax
  • Personal Tax
  • Intrastat

Furthermore we can represent you in case of fiscal verifications.


We report you monthly, quarterly or yearly the wanted numbers, in the layout you prefer.


We advise you to optimise your fiscal situation and the structure of your activities.
Are you planning to leave your enterprise to your children, or sell it to a third party, then we can help you, and work out a solution that is advantageous for all the parties.


We advise the beginning entrepreneurs during the start-up of their enterprise, and we make sure that all legal formalities are fulfilled.
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